Clarisa specialises in flamenco, but also has traiining in various musical styles such as Classical, Jazz and Spanish Dance. In addition to her studies at the National Dance School, she has taken courses with many and diferents great dancers, and that help her to find her own style and interpretation in flamenco. Some of them are:

Eva Yerbabuena


Juana Amaya

Alejandro Granados

El Farruco

Pilar Ortega

Carmen Ledesma

Juan Polvillo

María Ángeles Gabaldón

Marco Flores

Alfonso Losa

Her enourmus love of flamenco led her to settle in Spain, where she takes singing classes with Esperanza Fernández, who gave her a SCHOLARSHIP to study at her school in Seville from 2007 and 2008.

In 2009 she receibed one singing SCHOLARSHIP in Cristina Heeren Foundation, enabling her to extend her knowledge of flamenco, and achieved the score of notable. Due to her excellent performance and qualities, the same Foundation gives her a dance SHOLARSHIP where she will continue her advanced training with great dancers such as Javier Barón, Úrsula López, El Choro and Milagros Menjibar, specializing her in dancing with "Mantón" and "Bata de Cola".

During that year Clarisa also studied singing with the great José Anillo, from Cadiz.