Clarisa Di Salvo, a lover of music and dance since a child, was born in Buenos Aires. She started flamenco when she was 16, and by the age of 20 she was dancing Flamenco professionally in tablaos and theatres in her home city. By 2005, at age 23 she performed in her first international tour "Fiestas de Quito", in Ecuador.


In 2007 Clarisa moved to Sevilla to continue her study of flamenco. Here she developed her art not just as a flamenco Dancer, but as a professional flamenco singer. Since then, Clarisa has performed and given workshops in América, Europa, Asia and Oceanía. She was in more than 40 cities around USA with the "Hispanic Flamenco Ballet" company, in 2007 and 2008.


In Sevilla, she has performed intensively, dancing in both tablaos and theaters, including her participation in "Gala Flamenca" in the famous Teatro Lope de Vega, with Esperanza Fernandez, in 2007; and also the "Veladillas Flamencas" cycle, in Parque del Alamillo, Sevilla, in 2010 and 2011.


Clarisa has also performed in Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Thailand, India, Ecuador, Australia, Singapore y Phillipines, where she sang to great master Antonio Vargas. Clarisa has been demanded several times as "palmera", to help with her compas some big artists as the dancer Alberto Sellés or the singer Lidia Montero.


Clarisa moved back to Argentina in 2013, where she opened her own Flamenco School: Trianilla.


Highlighted performances:

* 2005 - Quito, Ecuador - Plaza de Toros de Quito

* 2007 - Seville, Spain - Teatro Lope de Vega

* 2008 - New York, USA - Hispanic Flamenco Ballet

* 2010 - Seville, Spain - Teatro del Duque, ciclo Mierc-Olé

* 2012 - Moscow, Russia - Casa de la Música de Moscú

* 2012 - Manila, Phillipines - Manila Flamenco Festival

* 2013 - Singapore - Flamenco Festival at Chijmes

* 2013 - Melbourne, Australia - Thornbury Theatre

* 2013 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Bienal de Flamenco, Sala Martín Coronado, Teatro San Martín